Injection Molding

Currently we have 5 injection molding machines located in 2 shops.  They include:

  • VanDorn Int-Elect Model 165
  • Cincinnati Milacron MT 500 ton 54 oz. machine
  • Cincinnati Milacron 500 ton 70 oz. machine
  • Cincinnati Milacron Q500 54 oz. machine
  • Toyo 330 ton 32 oz. machine

Custom Molding:

From start to finished product, we can handle your custom plastic part needs.  We have experienced staff to manufacture a few parts to thousands of parts.  We can assist in your selection of a mold maker if you do not have a resource, as well as perform maintenance service on your mold.  We can also assist in your selection of a patent attorney, raw material, etc.

Captive Products:

Lotel is the manufacturer of the line of Mesh-Up and Rebar-Up products.  Over the last fifty years we have gained knowledge of the injection molding process, along with the selection of the type of plastic required, the patent process in a global marketplace, selection of mold makers, product assembly, packaging the finished product, and marketing the products to the end user.