Globally Patented

In 1964 John L. Lowery, founder of  Lotel, invented the first practical flexible chair for welded wire mesh in concrete slabs, which is patented in over 50 countries worldwide.  The engineering superiority of the MESH-UPS chair was immediately recognized by the highly successful sales of our patented product from the date of introduction into the market place.

Since our inception, we have strived to provide contractors the finest products at competitive prices.  Today, we offer an even further improved line of Mesh-up and Rebar-up products.  The latest, worldwide patented*, line of chairs offer increased stability and ease of use.

*MESH-UPS and REBAR-UPS are worldwide, registered trademarks of Lotel and protected by U.S. Patent 6,962,029, U.S. Patent 7,458,192, U.S. Patent D491,443 and corresponding foreign patents.