How many do I need?

1.      Mesh-ups: How many do you need:

               Answer: Total square feet divided by 2.
               How do you calculate the size of your project in square feet?
               Multiply the width and the length of your project
               (example: a concrete driveway is 8 feet wide and 25 feet long -
               8 x 25 = 200 sq. ft. divided by 2 = 100) You will need 100 Mesh-ups for the project.
               To view our Mesh-ups® suggested spacing chart, CLICK HERE 

2.      What size Mesh-up to you need?

               Answer: The height of your Mesh-ups is approximately half the thickness of your slab.
               Size chairs: 1 ½” – 2” – 3” – 4”

3.      What size wire will you use?

               Answer: The wire gauge (diameter) typically increases as slab thickness increases.
               The wire gauge ranges from 10 gauge (smallest) to 8,6,4, and 0 gauge being the largest.

Once you determine your wire size, the following chart will help you pick the right wire support

Rebar-ups: How many do you need:

Once you determine your bar size, the following chart will help you pick the right wire support

Suggested Rebar-ups® Spacing:
The spacing of Rebar-up chairs is dependent on the size of the rebar and the amount of deflection allowed after placement.  If construction traffic is intense at a given area, simply add a Rebar-up at a crossing or at a single rebar.  
To view our Rebar-ups® suggested spacing chart, CLICK HERE

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